Tips & Bits #20: Inspirational Infographics & Tips for Getting Started

Infographics – creating an image that quickly portrays information. Whether you want an infographic for your site, blog, or elsewhere, there are lots of cool tools out there.

Inspirational Infographics




How are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media?


Social Marketing Compass


Web Trend Map


Conversation Prism


Tips for Getting Started with Infographics:

  • Make  it simple
  • Pick a color theme
  • Research facts and stats to include on infographic
  • Get in your opinion/draw conclusions


Free Infographic Tools:


Create word visualizations such as the example below using the Next Day Flyers’ Blog URL:









Create an interactive visualization and embed it.

3. Stat Planet

Interactive visualizations, which you can then use as is or create a static image. Example:

information graphics

4. Hohli

Simple online chart maker. Example:

information graphics

5. Creately

Easy-to-make diagrams and flow charts (easy to collaborate too).

information graphics


Many Eyes

Many Eyes lets you upload your own data or use data already stored on the site. Example:

data graphics


Google Public Data

Google Public Data lets you easily take public data and transform it into an infographic. Example:

data graphics

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