The White List #9: Email Strategy, Testing, Databases and Inspiration

Email Julie here once again with some great e-mail resources for you! Devise a strategic email marketing plan for 2011, learn how to do email testing, simplify your email database and even get inspired by a ton of the biggest company emails without getting the spam yourself.

I’m Julie and I’m here to rock your email marketing.

How to Devise a Strategic Email Marketing Plan for 2011

Turn your GMAIL inbox into a mini social CRM

Simplify Building Your Email Database Using Social Media To Encourage Opt-Ins

Email testing I: the benefits and how to overcome testing barriers

Email testing II: what to test, traps and surprising results

Please “Like” Me: Social Requests Through Email

Email Industry: Three Trends to Spotlight for 2011

Emailium: A big, filterable database of email marketing campaigns

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