The Power of Postcards

A small marketing company in Florida recently won the 2011 United States Postal Service Creative Business Solutions Award for the Southwest Area with its postcard marketing campaign. The awards honored marketing efforts that use direct mail in innovative ways to reach consumers.

Deliver Magazine reported the award underscored the effectiveness of postcards as cost-effective direct marketing tools. Unlike email messages that are often deleted before they are even read, postcards can reach the consumer even as they are being thrown away, senior vice president of marketing and business development of the company Sarah Kicinski told the news source.

According to Kicinski, postcards reach new consumers and help retain previous customers, as they are an easy way to reward shoppers for their previous purchases. In addition, brilliant graphics, QR codes, personalized URLs and mail tracking can be added to postcards to make them easy to measure and interactive with different marketing channels.

Another way marketers can track the return on investment of their marketing materials is through prepaid postage. The news source reported that prepaid postage eliminates the need to buy regular stamps, but enables marketers to offer personalized messages or images on the material to make it stand out from the competition.

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