Sweet Spot #2: More bling for your byte

Posted on March 5, 2009 in Fun, The Sweet Spot

This time it’s tech time!

How big is your USB thumb drive? I’ve got an old 4GB one (not big enough) that I carry in my purse. Anyone wear theirs like a necklace, on its lanyard? Anyone, like me, wish that someone, anyone, would make a thumb drive that we could display proudly?

Well, check out this USB drive that even P Diddy could store his finest mogul documents in!

Brando, super site of the always useless-yet-gotta-have-it gadget, has come up with a few very cool USB thumb drives, for those who enjoy a little bling.

  1. USB Jewel Bracelet Thumb Drive: 8GB – Silver or Gold – US$33.00
  2. USB Jewel Rose Necklace Flash Drive: 8GB – Silver or Black or Red Rose – US$37.00
  3. USB Jeweled Heart Necklace Flash Drive: 8GB – Silver – US$38.00

and as to not scare off my macho readers…

  1. USB Spy Pocket Video Audio Recorder + MP3 + Flash Drive + Writing Pen: 4GB – US$59.00
  2. KingMax 8GB Super Stick: 8GB, “The World’s Smallest Flash Drive” – US$23.00 at Amazon
  • It is indeed the world’s smallest flash drive, weighing in at a mere 1 gram. Now, that’s pretty mighty!
  • My husband and I just got some (Thanks, Mike!), and to me, it looks like a Smurf; I call him Business Smurf and he can smurf the heck out of my smurfy PSD and music files, and he’s washing-machine-proof too! Smurf, yeah!

Check them out if you’re looking to add some flash to your flashdrives! It’s all about muti-tasking gadgets!

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8 Responses to “Sweet Spot #2: More bling for your byte”

  1. schmod@gmail.com'
  2. goddess_becka@hotmail.com'
    GWOSATUM Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! And I just wasted $2 a piece on some rubber-bracelet type 125mg ones for my classroom. I want a pretty new one for my birthday.

    At last- functional jewelry.


  3. KDauthor@aol.com'
    Karen Daniels Says:

    Candie, lol. These are too fun. Great!


  4. candie@postcardpress.com'
    Candie Says:

    My husband lost his USB Smurf! Beware of the dainty Smurf Lasso! Use something stronger!


  5. silvernecklacej@gmail.com'
    eve Says:

    I really like your blog friend. I like how you write and express through your post… ;)


  6. candie@postcardpress.com'
  7. candie@postcardpress.com'
  8. candie@postcardpress.com'

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