Got New Product Ideas? Share Your Feedback Now For 10% Off Your Next Printing Order

Derrick Josten, New Products Manager

Meet Derrick Josten, New Products Manager at NextDayFlyers

Hello NDF blog readers! My name is Derrick Josten and I am the New Products Manager at NextDayFlyers. Big things are happening here and as the newest member of the team, I’m excited to share a few updates with you. First though, a bit about me!

I come to NextDayFlyers with over 11 years experience as a web product manager under my belt. This means I’ve dedicated my career to coming up with new ways to make customers’ lives easier – whether by launching a more intuitive website, developing new products and services or implementing new procedures to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

The NextDayFlyers Mission

Every business has a purpose, and at NextDayFlyers we have a customer-centric purpose – to bring about positive change in the world by getting the message out exactly as intended and at precisely the right time. I look forward to helping us passionately pursue and meet our purpose of providing customers with superior products and services that get the job done. As we build upon our commitment to provide you with the best service and highest-quality products possible, we are devoting more resources to ensuring customers have a superior experience every time they do business with us. On that note, I am excited to get to know our customers and find out how we can do a better job of serving you.

NextDayFlyers Print Products

A selection of NextDayFlyers print products.

Tell Us About The Products and Services You Want and Get 10% Off Your Next Order

If you’ve been a NextDayFlyers customer for any period of time, you should know we always welcome feedback from our valued customers on every aspect of our business – from the products and services we offer down to our website and customer care process – and while you are always welcome to submit feedback on anything you like, today we’d like to ask you a special question:

If you could have a new product, service, feature or tool from NextDayFlyers, what would it be?

Whether you have an idea for a product you wish we would offer, a service that would help streamline the way you do business, or a tool or feature you want added to our website, we want to know!

Email your ideas now to [email protected] to receive your 10% off coupon.

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65 Responses to “Got New Product Ideas? Share Your Feedback Now For 10% Off Your Next Printing Order”

    tim nyberg Says:

    Synthetic paper – translucent – or plastic business cards.

    Business cards that fold into matchbook-like packs that hold several other cards inside – use: mini-portfolio.

    Rack cards with a die cut punch-out business card. Big story – small reminder.


    Amie Says:

    My bookmarks came out amazing! They came fast and just in time for my first author appearance. I will be doing more business with this company!


    Joseph Allen Imagery Woods Says:

    I’ve been using you guys for several years, and love that your products are always expanding. I would like to see a vertical greeting card that hinges from the top (or a horizontal that hinges from the left – same thing).


    wendilee heath obrien Says:

    Ideas for new products for 10% discount:
    1. personalized receipt pads

    2. business flip pads to show available products

    3. personalized guest books for shops

    4. coupons
    wendilee heath obrien recently posted..Choosing PastelsMy Profile


    Linda C. Miller Says:

    New Products –

    Greeting card stock – glossy outside and matte finish inside

    Stickers – from address labels to larger sizes – return address, to place on envelopes, “This book belongs to…..” Lost stickers “If I don’t belong to you, please call _________________” Where companies can place their logo, artists their artwork and also select from a variety of fonts.

    Business cards with a “Save the Date” peel off sticker. My dentist uses this for their next appointments – shaped like a tooth and it can be placed on my calender.

    Quality Sheets – matte and gloss for artist prints. I get my print done at Staples – just under a dollar. If you can be cheaper – very nice.

    Linda C. Miller
    Botanical Art Today
    [email protected]


    Edward Gronske Says:

    First off – I have used NDF and have been very satisfied with the results I receive.
    I believe offering a post card design(s) that comply with the new postal service, their neighborhood mail service, would be very helpful to those who want to take advantage of that type of post card mailing but are confused by the requirements of the post office.


    thomas fiske Says:

    Need higher quality outdoor stickers. Even if a little more pricey the out door vinyl would be awesome in your quality and turn around time!

    thomas fiske recently posted..Burnin’ down under!My Profile


    Cherie Says:

    A notes area where you can add information pertaining to your order. It’s very frustrating having to email afterwards to add special instructions or ask a question.

    Also, I have offices in different regions and having to mail everything to one office when I place an order is a huge drag. Possible to add a check box and then a page that allows shipping to different locations for each portion of the order?



    Mou Says:

    For take out Menus (Two panels or 3 panels) if its comes with already seal like clear round sticker on the middle of the menu ready for sending out that would be great!


    Joseph Says:

    Love the service at NDF! I always mention in the serveys to add a check box for ( print as is ) – So I don’t have to come back any check emails. I use the chat feature to let customer service know after I place the order and I don’t have and issue it just takes up more time.

    Also being able to print one side glossy and the other matte would be awesome! I have clients that would like to write on one side of a card, flyer etc and not have to use a sharpie.



    Nipomo Swapmeet Says:

    Then I could order matching business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Every company’s essentials.


    Malinda Hawkins Says:

    I must start by saying you guys provide the best quality professional service I’ve ever received!!!

    I’d like for your bookmarks to have a whole punched option, and also your greeting cards and option of envelopes to accompany.


    Nancy Jarrell Says:

    Our school has used Next Day Flyers several times over the last two years. We are very happy with both the quality and the timeliness of the items received. Our logo looks great on all the items and the color is right on. Thanks for the wonderful service you have provided us!


    John Says:

    Love the quality of the products I have ordered, here’s what I’d like to see added:

    More sticker options:
    – Return Address Labels
    – Envelope seals (1.5” diameter round stickers, glossy and matte options)


    Kevin Wilson - Director Sacred Gallery NYC Says:

    I’ve been using Next Day Flyers for as long as I can remember and I wouldn’t use any other company.
    Everyone always compliments us on the quality of the matte finish with all of our gallery event invitations wanting to know where we had them made. When we tell them it was from you and what the price was, their first reply is that it looks like they’d be way more than what we paid.

    All your products are great. Expect me to keep ordering as long as your printing and I’m running this gallery.

    Kevin Wilson
    Sacred Gallery NYC


    Mattie Postel Says:

    I would love to see bound note pads. sort of like prescription pads.


    James Lewis Says:

    I have a constant need for Large Yard Signs and magnetic car signs. Currently, I can get them thru Vistaprint but their speed and delivery options are not as valuable to me as NDF.


    Mathina Says:

    Our church uses business cards in several ways:
    – to spread the word about our locations and service times
    – to promote our weekly Morning Meditation Conference Call

    Every ministry has their own logo, slogan and color schemes, so it’s like having dozens of companies within our overall church organization!
    – We use both sides of the card (putting the logo, slogan and leadership contact information on the front, and the ministry meeting times and/or prerequisites on the back)

    We love the quality of Nextdayflyers, so we use this company quite often. :-)


      Derrick Says:

      Hi Mathina,

      Love hearing the creative ways you use business cards! Thank you for the feedback!



    Jason Hinojosa Says:

    I have used your guys twice and am very pleased with your prompt service and fast delivery. I would like to see vinyl banners and spot UV. These are service i have to elsewhere for i need a one stop shop with your quality of products and fast service.


    Jennifer Says:

    1) I would love to be able to edits orders that area already in my cart. Often I get changes last minute (quantity usually) and it would be really great to not have to empty my cart and then submit the order all over again.

    2) I would really appreciate the Specs for ALL document types to be on a master sheet that I can easily and quickly reference. I have been using the same “template” for many of the items we’ve been ordering for years (business cards, invitations, posters, etc.) and suddenly I am getting warnings that my specs are off. But all the templates I looked at are the same as before. However there are vague references in other locations to different specs… understand my frustration?

    Thank You


    Derrick Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    1. We are working on this problem, thanks for your thoughts!
    2) This is a great suggestion. We will look into this issue regarding the templates.

    We’d like to offer you 10% off your next order as a thank you for your feedback. Would you mind emailing your suggestions to [email protected]? If you do, you will receive a coupon code via email.



    Angie Says:

    Hi Derrick,

    Although you already offer reasonable prices, it would be awesome to see bundle packages so you can be a one stop shop and get all of our business for all of our printing needs. On tight budgets we have to stretch our dollars but like your work and quality. My ideal would be a starter package for one flat rate such as:

    Business Cards

    Thanks for listening.




    Leila Says:

    I’ve been using you guys for a few years now and I have several new product ideas.

    1. It’s time you print envelopes of all sizes. Also lower the price of your Letterhead too. Overnight Prints letterhead is waaayyyy cheaper.
    2. Offering Spot UV finish on products would be nice and foil lettering too would be also a plus.
    3. Mini business cards
    4. Car Magnets
    5. Banners
    6. Most important – Return Address options
    7. Allow edit order options in the checkout area (after artwork has been uploaded) Once in the checkout area you can’t make changes to the order. You have to remove the entire order from the cart and start all over again if you want to let’s say change the quantity, turnaround time or change the finishing options.
    8. Printing on plastic and linen paper would be good too.


    Irene Zevgolis Says:

    I am an author and illustrator with a children’s picture book, The Dreamer & The Moon, An Inspirational Story with a Ballet Theme. I am currently writing a sequel! I would like to see Next Day Flyers offer short run book printing of one or four color! That would help me test market my book. I am also very interested in printing new bookmarks and have a new ballet image that will be ready to print within one week. Next Day Flyers does a superior job with bookmarks and business card printing, so I’ll look forward to working with you all again in the coming week. Thank you for offering the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas. One more thought would be a facebook forum where your clients can post their printed designs, so all of Next Day Flyer clients can see the jobs you print. That would be added marketing for the designers and illustrators out here! Thank you, Irene Zevgolis, The Dreamer & The Moon Publishing


    Mike Sand Says:

    All I can think of is hard plastic business cards and Step and Repeat Banners 8 x 8ft with banner stands for events.


    Ruth O Says:

    I think it would be great if you printed envelopes and presentation folders with business card holder.


    Rudi Says:

    Small Hang tags for merchandise. also – how about a natural fiber paper option? Linen?


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