Photobomb #33: 18 Years, Panoramic, Pinhole and The Hangover

My name is Paul. I love photography. Every week I try and share with you the best stuff I find online for my own camera adventures and I just hope you get as much joy, inspiration, knowledge and just plain motivation to go out and capture the world, as I do! Enjoy this week’s Photobomb!

Photographer Snaps Polaroid Photo Every Day for 18 Years


How to Take Pictures of Water Drops



15 Free Videos on Panoramic Photography


Step by Step – Getting a Cover Shot

Understanding Depth of Field


5 Tiny Details That Can Change Your Potential Customer’s Experience


Lighting versus Composition


Build A Semi-Anamorphic 35mm Pinhole Camera


Free Lightroom Preset – The Hangover Movie Look


The Typical Business Mistakes Made By Photographers


Create a Constant Revenue Stream with Portraits


You Don’t Need a 3D Camera to Create Depth

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