Photobomb #26: Tips for Sunrises, Kids, Starbursts and Eggs

The week is almost over and your camera is just warming up! Start the early weekend off with tips for sunrise portraits, tips for shooting your kids, tips for adding starbursts and more!

Photobomb is here to keep your weekend memories in the camera.


Beginners Tips for Sunrise Portraits : Part I

Sunrise Portraits Part II – The Techniques

Photography Apps for Android Tablets


7 Grand ideas – Key Questions For A Successful Photo Business


5 Tips for Better Photography of Your Kids

Hundreds of Disposable Cameras Being Passed Around the World



Improve your photo workflow!

15 Amazing Quotes On Photography

Creating Starbursts in your Photos

Things You’ll Never Photograph: A Sniper Rifle Shooting Eggs (and other Modernist Cuisine)

How Decisions about Color Add Impact to Your Photos

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