Photobomb #22: Stop Sucking at Photography

Stop sucking at photography! Even better, stop working really hard at photography and still suck at it! Our first resource will help you do that. Plus, using all those old disposable cameras you have, updating your wordpress blog with a sexy new theme, boosting your productivity, pinhole photography inspiration and sheep. Yes… sheep…. baahhhhh. Only here at the Photobomb.

How To Work Really Hard At Photography And Still Suck At It!

Top 20 Ultimate Ways to Use a Disposable Camera


Crowdsourcing Your Personal Photography Project

Super Moon Photography: How to Shoot the Moon


11 More Sexy Photography WordPress Theme Options


2011 How to Sell Prints Guide


How to Create HDR Video

Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

25 Prime Examples Of Pinhole Photography

12 Stunning Silhouette Shots


27 Fun and Creative Photographs of Sheep

5 Ideas for Getting Your Photography Seen

5 Free Productivity Boosters for Photographers

Budget Self-Portrait Studio Setup

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