Our Daily Best: Week of August 1st

Posted on August 5, 2011 in Fun, Our Daily Best

August traces back to 8 BC when the month originally known as Sextilis was renamed in honor of Emperor Augustus Caesar – the first of a long line of Romans who rearranged the calendar several times over their 800+ year reign. And while we’re on the subject of calendars, now is a good time to start planning your promotional calendars for 2012 and be able to send them out to your customers and clients! Got it? Ready 1, 2, 3 Start.


Tips & Bits helps us keep cool when the pressure of Social Media begins to push our buttons. It’s not easy Tweeting, Liking, Following, and Checking-In on top of all the other duties a marketer has to take care of. These tips smooth out the bumps in the road and make us look like a Savvy Social Media Maven!


The Art of Design went nostalgic and presented some cool examples of letterhead from the past. The significance of letterhead to a company’s image should not be overlooked. When paired with a business card, the letterhead makes two sides of the corporate communications coin.


Graphic Design Roundup serves up a smorgasbord of FREEbies including Social Buttons, Guarantee Icons, BLAWB PSD files, Furniture Icons, Characters, Google+ Icons, and other cool and fun graphic resources. Dig in – feel free to be greedy – they’re FREE!


Photobomb nailed a number of targets with a payload of tips, tricks, and tutorials on portrait photography, photo manipulation, food and conceptual photography. You’ll also have to take cover to avoid being hit by an arsenal of sites for FREE photos, Android photography apps and new Photoshop lessons. Now move out!


Free Fridays appears with a warning: you may experience FREEbie OVERLOAD! If you are brave enough, then help yourself to the following FREEbies: type fonts, WordPress business themes, web templates, business card templates, PSD files, Photoshop Zigzag patterns, flyer design templates in PSD and EPS, pricing table UI element PSD, HTML games, and HTML5 website templates. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There! That should keep you busy for a while. Have a great weekend and we’ll be ready to keep you fired up next week!

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