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Using Postcards as Internet Invitations

If you’ve used postcards at all you know they are an effective way to generate sales leads1  for your business.  But did you know that postcards are also good for expanding your social networking which leads to word of mouth advertising and long term brand loyalty? In the article “Networking with Postcards 1” posted previously on our blog, we discussed methods for postcard distribution. Now let’s look at a couple of creative ways to use your postcards to increase the Internet traffic on your sites. Specifically:

1. Newsletter Subscribers

Building your email newsletter subscriber list

Use postcard mailings and handouts to advertise your online newsletter to potentially new subscribers. Invite them to come to your website and sign up for your newsletter. Make sure the postcard tells them what the benefit is for them when they do sign up. For instance, give them some incentive or promotion for signing up in the first place. Then consider creating special deals only for ongoing newsletter recipients so they’ll want to remain on your list – and make sure they know about these “newsletter subscriber only” specials.


2. Blog Invitations

You’re invited to a private party. Only those with invitations can attend. We all like being invited, we all like exclusive. Position your postcards as special invitations to your blog – like a party invitation. Tease the reader with some leads from tasty postings so they feel as if they are missing out by not becoming part of your blog. You want to create the impression that your blog is THE blog to visit. Well it is, isn’t it? Remember, you don’t need to rely solely on the Internet to increase your Internet traffic!    

A Note about Postcards
We offer a variety of postcard sizes to choose from, with matte or UV coating. In addition, we also have a selection of unique die-cut postcards – you can even design your own die-cut shape for that extra personalized punch.


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