How to Create an Effective Sell Sheet

What is a sell sheet?

Typically, a sell-sheet is similar to a single-page brochure that presents information about your products, company, and the services you are offering. A sell sheet is usually used as a sales tool for sales and marketing people to present their company and the product or service they are selling. Simply put, it’s a sales-pitch in the form of a document to show to customers and businesses.

Used in support of your sales efforts, as a flyer to go with you to exhibitions and conventions, or as a business-to-business guide to your company, a sell-sheet can be a diverse marketing product with multiple uses.

A sell sheet should typically answer the following:

  • What products or services do you offer?
  • How will these products and services benefit me?
  • How much will I will pay for them?
  • How do I contact you?

With all this information, it is important to present your sell-sheet in a clear and precise manner to retain your customer’s interest. Before you create your sell-sheet, here are a few essential things-to-know before you start designing.

1. A typical sales sheet layout is as follows:

  • Your logo
  • Headline
  • Intro paragraph
  • Product pictures/pricing
  • Benefits
  • Contact info and call-to-action

Despite being more of a technical document, don’t forget your marketing 101 and include headline and call-to-action. Make your sell-sheet as appealing and convincing as possible. Include copy that explains who you are, what you do, and how this product will help them change their lives/make things easier/ solve their problems/ make them happy/ grow their hair back!

2. A sell sheet should be more technical and informative than a flyer or brochure. When designed properly, it can represent a virtual tour of your product or services. Use it to communicate as much useful info as you can. If you are selling T-shirts, for example, show all the available sizes, colors, designs and prices. If you have graphs and comparative data to support your product, then use them to inform and educate your customer to the benefits of your product. Be sure to put a call-to-action in closing to urge the viewer to call a phone number or log onto a website. Whatever action you want the customer to take after receiving your sales info.

3. Here is an example of a sell-sheet that has been designed carefully and with much thought towards layout copy and messaging.


Sell-sheet design

Breakdown of this Sell-Sheet Design

This sell-sheet has all the elements of a good sell-sheet. It has a headline, an opening paragraph, (and most importantly) lots of information broken down into graphics, graphs, and pictures to help the viewer navigate the information easily.

Although this is a sell-sheet with a singular item to sell, the designer has done a good job of including picture examples of how the product looks and the ways in which it can used.

Notice how there is a lot of bulleted information to highlight passages of text and make the info easy-to-read. Big blocks of text are off-putting to many viewers. The person who created this flyer has done an excellent job of making the copy short, simple and easy-on-the-eye.

4. Be practical with your imagery. It goes without saying that a company with multiple products to sell would illustrate each item with a corresponding picture. However, ALL company sell sheets should try to include some relevant images to break up the copy elements and to make the sell sheet more interesting for the viewer. Use pictures of your staff-in-action, customers enjoying your products, or your products-in-action to communicate something unique about your company.

5. Before you start your sell sheet project, here are links to two sizes of blank sell sheet templates to ensure that you design with the right file specs:

8.5”x11” Sell-Sheet

9”x12” Sell-Sheet

Or alternately, you can design your sell-sheet online:

Online 8.5”x11” Sell-Sheet

6. To create a sell sheet that people are drawn-to, you should consider printing an offset quality sell-sheet to ensure bright color and clear resolution.

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11 Responses to “How to Create an Effective Sell Sheet”

    Han Says:

    What software do you recommend to design a great sell sheet? InDesign? Publisher? Photoshop?

    Any tutorials out there for this?


    Great post


    • ben Says:

      It depends on what you are most advanced with. If you are experienced at using InDesign, then I would recommend it for your design (it handles copy better than Photoshop.) we don’t have specific Sell Sheet content or templates. We are in the process of rectifying this. I would recommend for template content if you’re in a pinch. They have quality templates for sell-sheets (although they’re not free)


    longpack Says:

    Thanks for the details.Its a good article.


    elvis Says:

    8.5″ x 11″ sell sheet is better, great design idea, thank you.


    Narlax Says:

    Thanks for such a nice post. Hope it will be benifical for others as well.keep up the good work.


    John M Says:

    I bought & downloaded the files but can open anything. help.


  6. ben Says:

    Hi John. If you can get me more info, I should be able to help you out. But we don’t sell any template files, they’re all free to use. If you have purchased sell sheets for printing and need help with the design of them, we can totally help you out. If you call this number: 800-957-0816 we can organize a designer to help you design your sell sheets. If you need help with instructions on how to use our free online template design service, here is some helpful tips: If you’re still needing assistance, call this number: 800-251-9948. I hope we are able to help you. As I say, once we know exactly what your issue is, we will do our best to get you sorted.


    Carole Kelderman Says:

    Can you quickly design a sales sheet for me? I have a nice logo and most text but don’t want to do it. I only need a few and it looks like a minimum order is 100, but I only need 5-10.


    Daria Says:

    Hi – Do you have any suggestions for creating a health care service (i.e. care management) sell sheet? I’m starting a business in care coordination and starting my marketing. Thank you!


    • ben Says:

      Hi Daria,

      If you don’t know where to start with your sell-sheet design, I would advise finding a designer to help you. If you would like to coordinate with our design team, they can help you create a sell sheet that’s custom-made for your new business. I couldn’t give you a price quote, but they can and we’re more affordable than most. Call them and chat with them (they’re all super nice and friendly) 800-957-0816 or you can contact online here: . I hope this helps.


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