Graphic Design Roundup #36: Web Trends, Tutorials & More Reasons to Not Smoke

Keep up with your skills this week with the latest in graphic design trends, tutorials, tips and resources. Every week on the Graphic Design Roundup!

Web Design Trends of 2011


Best Illustrator Tutorials of June 2011


40 Superb Examples Of Oversized Websites


25 Beautiful Navigation Menus


MTV a source of inspiration


45 Superb Concept Cell Phone Designs


Terrifying Tobacco Warning Labels


35 Best Web Design And Development Tutorials Of June 2011


The Ultimate Guide to On-Page Optimization


45 Awesome And Useful Water Texture Packs For Designers


20 Superb Photoshop PSD’s For Web Designers


23 Books About Design You Ought To Read


40 Minimalist Print Ads That’ll Catch Your Eye


20 Creative Graphic Design Business Cards

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