Graphic Design Roundup #1

Here is the first round of the the new "Graphic Designer Round Up". You will find tons of inspiration, free resources, and information to get that mind of yours going.

Massive Collection of Elegant Thin Fonts

15 Bad Habits That Could Kill Your Design Career

10 Extremely Useful Time Management Tools

35 Amazing Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Creative Examples of Infographics

Cheat-Sheet Desktop Wallpaper for Web Designers

60 PSD Icon and Button Templates

Showcase of Beautiful and Unique iPhone Apps

Mac vs. PC: Myth-busting Guide for Consumers

Infograph: Graphic Designer's Journey: Freelance to Freedom

Why Apple Destroys Competitors: 3 Lessons You Can Use

30 Creative Business Card Designs for Inspiration

Effective and Powerful CSS Tools & Generators for Designers

30+ Fresh Excellent-Quality Free Fonts for Your Designs

Digital Art Inspiration: CMYK Artworks & Graphic Designs

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