FREE! Photoshop and Illustrator Flyer Templates for the BIG Football Game!

The biggest sports event in the US calendar is just around the corner and NextDayFlyers has a special treat for all you designers and bar owners who need to market yourselves for the big day! 3 of the highest quality PSD and AI templates completely FREE to use in whatever way you wish. Layered and fully editable, these full-size flyer templates were designed exclusively (by me) for your use.

Add your own text, logos and images to these layered files and make a super flyer for the super-duperest of sports events!

Please enjoy!

superbowl flyer 2015

Note: This PSD file includes editable text layers and different colored team helmets that you can add team logos too.

                         << DOWNLOAD THIS PSD TEMPLATE HERE>>


superbowl flyer 2015

Note: This AI file includes editable text layers and different colored team helmets that you can add team logos too.

                           << DOWNLOAD THIS AI TEMPLATE HERE>>



                   << DOWNLOAD THIS PSD TEMPLATE HERE>>


19 thoughts on “FREE! Photoshop and Illustrator Flyer Templates for the BIG Football Game!

  1. What is that I see?? Do I see Bleeding Cowboy font???? I believe in my Benjamin Fellowes stalking archive, is a note that Ben’s most hated of all fonts is the very same BLEEDING COWBOY!! This is a contradiction if ever I saw with my own two eyes! For shame! Gasp! Horror! Spit! Are pigs flying? Let me look out the window!

    And to add to that shock, the font looks damn good in those cool designs! How is that so?? Twilight Zone?

  2. What font did you use for “BIG GAME 2013″? I want to change the words, but it’s not editable in AI and I’ve been searching for the font but can’t find it.

  3. you guys are freaking awesome. thanks for updating last year’s template with this years graphics! this is going to be perfect for our superbowl party at home!!!

    1. No probs Liza…glad you like! The original file has all the helmets on a separate layer for you to use every year you want!

    1. Hi Eddie, I checked the links and they’re downloading okay. It could be that you’re using a much earlier version of Photoshop or Illustrator? If you tell me exactly what software versions you’re using or what the error is (ie, it downloads but gets an error message when trying to open up in Illustrator or Photoshop) I might be able to help.

  4. hi ben,

    I have just downloaded these flyer which are great by the way but the only problem if two of the links download template 2 and in the first one it only has the jpeg for template 3 which unfortunately was the perfect one I was looking for


    1. Hi Beau,

      My apologies for the bad link. I ham trying to rectify this issue and you will be able to download the correct flyer shortly. Thank you so much for highlighting this problem.

  5. Oh my goodness!! I can’t believe that I found this! You are so awesome for doing this and sharing!! I’ve used your template with images of my little boy (8) who is playing his first year of tackle football. I see that it reads that you can use them however you’d like. I have a small (ok, just started out, so teeny tiny feeling like it’s almost non existent) photography business, and I’d like to double, triple check and make sure I can use these with images in them. I’ve had some other mothers and grandmothers ask about one for their players, and I’d LOOOVVVEEE to use the template with the football for them as well. Please let me know if that’s ok! I will absolutely credit you for your template! Thank you, Melodie

    1. Hi Melodie, Glad you like the template and please use, share, and apply to any project you like. A credit would be super nice if you want to credit us (we love links and shoutouts)

  6. I first would like to say that I LOVE your work! I tried to download the “football Game” flier, but when I try to open it it says “unable to unarchive “” into downloads (Error 1- Operation not permitted)”

    If you know what went wrong, please let me know!

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Diana,

      I’m not sure why it won’t unzip? I’ve tested it on both Mac and PC and I’m not getting the same error? Can you tell me exactly which of the 3 templates you’re trying to download and I’ll email you the file.

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