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Font Quiz – How Well Do You Really Know Your Fonts?

Many people think they’re font experts and have the ultimate knowledge about typography, but how well do you really know your fonts? In this quiz that we devised specially for the art, print, and design communities, we ask, how well do you really know your fonts?


How well did you do? Did you become the Bembo of font knowledge or are you Comic Sans, the font clown of typography? Better luck next time if you did and I hope that you try the quiz again to avoid the font shaming and shunning from your design peers! Please share your results in the facebook comment section above, or the site comment section below. We would love to know what you thought of the quiz and what other quizzes you’d like to see on this blogsite.

We’d like to thank all the font designers and typographical geniuses from history for making this font quiz possible and for making our lives so fontastic with the type designs you brought to the world, and if you’re looking for the new generation of brilliant typography, click on the following links below to download a whole heap of free fonts in our latest font download lists:



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