Pig Up Your Logo! Famous Brands Get a Bacon Makeover!

Posted on January 21, 2013 in - Beyond Design, Art & Graphic Design, Graphic Design

We did a zombie logo post a few weeks ago that was super popular with our blog readers. I thought we’d revisit this idea with another article that celebrates bacon and the world’s most popular brands – all presented on a delicious blog platter for your enjoyment.

Mmmm! A store full of bacon bargains

Too clever for his own good! That guy looks like a real swine

Bacon!!…Beep!!… Delicious…Whirrrr!!

Go grease lightning you’re porking up the quarter mile!

Faster than the speed-of-pork!

My belly has a brand!

I went to this store and now my home is a pig-sty!

24 hour bacon!

Pigs with Apple Sauce!

Pigs and trucks…a marriage made in heaven!

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  1. designs@alexparada.com'
    Alex Says:

    Fantastic makeover! love the hamdroid, brilliant.


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