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Category: Marketing Tips

The Tortoise and the Hare: Two Work Approaches to Getting the Job Done

Neither style is better than the other. Each one can be successful, or fail spectacularly. Finding the style that matches your personality will help you by reducing your stress level and by optimizing your efficiency.

Trying to work in a style that doesn’t fit with your personality will only make you miserable, unhappy and more likely to abandon your quest.

Like the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, there are generally two kinds of entrepreneurs.

Testing: The Tool That Builds More Effective Marketing

Testing is one of the fundamental tools employed to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

A/B or Split-Testing are two names for the way the results of one element of a campaign – an email, a landing page or a banner ad – is compared with another to determine the effect a specific variable has on the outcome.…

Tips & Bits #46: So You Want To Create a Brand

Do you know exactly what makes your company, business, product, or service interesting, compelling and different?

Unless you’ve made the effort to define your position in the market and to communicate it using engaging language, your brand is condemned to be an also-ran, if it’s lucky enough to survive at all.…

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