Tips & Bits #37: The Quest for Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs have been around for hundreds of years. One such plan dates back to 1793 when a merchant gave out copper tokens which customers would collect and later exchange for items in the store.

More than two centuries later, a lot has changed, but the concept of loyalty programs still remains a constant: to achieve customer retention and encourage repeat purchases. Here are some of the more innovative customer loyalty programs from around the globe.

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The Social Media Sheriff #14: Google+, Google+, Google+… & Sweden

Yiiiiihaaaww! The Sheriff rides into town once more to rustle up some social media goodness for you city folks. It’s been a while since Ol’ Rusty has come into town but I’ve brought with me a heaping, helping of social media news, tips, tutorials and overall rootin, tootin fun!

Google+ is the big steer this trip, but don’t miss Facebook’s new video chat, Obama on Twitter and Sweden just being Sweden, all wrangled up for you by The Social Meda Sheriff

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