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Awesomely Geeky (and Free) Quality Business Cards Templates For Sophisticated Nerds!

August 5, 2014


nerdy cards

Nerd is the word at NextDayFlyers this week as we bring you 4 über quality business cards templates for designers, photographers, coders, artists, techy’s, developers, and all other nerd entrepreneurs. All these templates in both Photoshop and Illustrator formats are prepped and ready for your own copy. So get editing and print your own business cards today and lets make nerd hay while the sun shines!

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A Short History of Postcard Design from Japanese Prints to Cheeky British Seaside Postcards and Beyond

July 29, 2014



Postcards have been a popular mode of communication since the late 1800’s. See how they’ve developed and evolved as a means for artists, illustrators, and designers to create artwork.

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Homebrew Label Art – Turning Cheap Stickers into Masterpieces!

July 24, 2014



The homebrewing industry is an enormous one in which millions of Americans are buying up carboys, keggers, wort chillers, and getting stickers printed for their growlers and brown bottles. Here is a look at some labels produced by some truly artistic people.

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20 Ideas for Funny Wedding Invitations to Take the Stuffiness Out of the Occasion

July 15, 2014



The following funny wedding invitations are brilliantly conceived and executed with some genuinely funny messages and original ideas. Give your guests a good laugh and let them know to expect a fun and happy time.

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​3 Creative Flyers Templates for Your Religious and Spiritual Event Promotion

July 8, 2014


free church flyer template

To help you break out of the traditional format, we have put together a few creative flyers for your church that are totally free to use. In PSD (Photoshop) format, you can add your own logos, images, and messages to these templates to make them highly original and personal to your church and its aims.

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Discover the Centuries Old Fonts You are Still Using Today

July 2, 2014


bembo font

The following fonts are close derivations of the original punch cut letterforms and print press font styles that fed printing presses in the 14th Century and beyond. When you next use these fonts, I hope they give you the added sense of tradition and history that these beautiful letters bring to your designs and messages.

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Don’t Be an Invisible Artist! 3 Ways to Sell Your Originals, Wall Prints, and Posters!

July 1, 2014

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The following tips will give you an idea of how to get your art into –view, because nothing sells slower than a piece of artwork that’s never seen. We encourage all artists to sell through any means possible, utilizing originals, poster prints, canvas wall prints, and digital mediums.

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5 Tips for a More User-Friendly Website

June 26, 2014



It’s competitive out here in the Webosphere, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to stay ahead of the pack. By grabbing your visitors’ attention and getting them to take an action, you guarantee that your website will be a success. But usability’s role can’t be understated in the overall success of your website. If you want your business to do well (or you simply want to drive more traffic to your site), it’s important that your website is user friendly and easy to navigate.

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10 of the Best Do it Yourself Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Ceremony & Reception

June 24, 2014


wedding ideas 10

The following DIY wedding decorations range in difficulty from super-easy to full-on craft projects for experts and event planners. But whatever the level of difficulty, they all prove that personal decorations trump generic store bought ones any day, and you’ll get a lot more satisfaction from telling guests that you made them yourselves.

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Game of Thrones Goes Corporate with Modern Logo Interpretations

June 19, 2014


Please enjoy and share this fun infographic with the major houses in Game of Thrones house sigils re imagined as corporate logos.

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10 of the Baddest Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns by Advertising Ninjas!

June 17, 2014


ninja marketing

For your marketing inspiration, here are 10 recent campaigns for your own marketing inspiration that are particularly inventive, creative and somewhat stealthy and scandalous in appeal.

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Steampunk Your Prints -17 Vintage Business Cards & Other Retro Inspiration

June 10, 2014


steampunk posters

This blogpost celebrates the steampunk trend in all its many design facets from elegant vintage style business cards to bizarre poster collages and encourages you to use these incredible designs as inspiration for your own print designs.

When viewing these prints, let us never forget to keep a stiff upper lip and sing our steampunk praises to Queen and country!

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Independence Day Vectors – Free 4th of July Banner Templates

June 4, 2014


4th july banner template

If you have a dealership, bakery, hardware store, or you need a banner for a big family barbecue or fireworks event, use one of these vector (AI) files as your 4th of July banner templates and create something appropriately patriotic.

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Take Your Prints to a Whole New Level with Spot UV

May 30, 2014



It’s not that difficult or expensive to make a definitive change to your print output by utilizing spot UV print effects that are widely available today that were previously only in available in boutique print shops.

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Free Photoshop Event Poster Template Pack for Summer Festivals

May 29, 2014


free festival poster template

Whether you’re an event planner, a club owner, or a poster designer, put your own copy and logos on a free 11″x17″ poster template and make your gala, bash, shin-dig, rave, hoe-down, or even how d’ya do, an event to remember!

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