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May 8, 2012


pixelated business card

The business card! That ancient print object that has been hooking-people-up for centuries can be both a thing of simple beauty and a hideous design Medusa that turns all tasteful sensibilities to stone! While I don’t purport to be the world’s greatest design expert, I’ve been in the design and marketing business long enough to [...]

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How to Create an Effective Sell Sheet

May 1, 2012


What is a sell sheet? Typically, a sell-sheet is similar to a single-page brochure that presents information about your products, company, and the services you are offering. A sell sheet is usually used as a sales tool for sales and marketing people to present their company and the product or service they are selling. Simply [...]

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3 of the Best Mothers Day Marketing Products

April 24, 2012

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print door hanger

On Sunday, May 13th, family members will be running around like headless chickens trying to find the ideal gift to buy mom or trying to find a restaurant that isn’t completely booked up for Mother’s Day breakfast. Your business shouldn’t miss out on this massive marketing opportunity. Here are 3 effective print marketing ideas to send to your customers this Mother’s Day.

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Design Tutorial 2: Avant-Garde Club Flyer Photoshop Tutorial

April 17, 2012


alternative club flyer design

Free Photoshop tutorial; create an Avant Garde flyer, incorporating some hand-drawn elements. No complex techniques involved in this PSD design but the overall effect is impressive.

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Top 50 Fan Art Movie Posters

April 10, 2012


the artist movie poster

These particular poster designs have been created by extremely talented artists and designers who have used amazing visual language, artistic skill, and conceptual thinking to create some inspirational work. I hope that these designs inspire you in your own poster design work!

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30 Cool Logo Sticker Promotions

April 3, 2012


30 examples of the sticker as a simple but brilliant promotion! Whether you use it as a portable branding device, a guerrilla marketing tool, or a product label, it has an eye-catching appeal that makes it hard to ignore.

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Crystal’s Cubicle of Flyers

March 20, 2012

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sweeney todd flyer

Crystal’s desk at our office has become a shrine to all the weird, cool, and brilliant customers we have at NextDayFlyers; “Sometimes on my break you will find me wandering around our warehouse looking at some of the most cool, awesome, outrageous, interesting, and pretty flyers you will ever see.”

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It’s Giveaway Time! Win A Set Of 100 Postcard Portfolios!

March 15, 2012


Postcard Portfolio

It’s a fun time here at Next Day Flyers. We just opened a second facility on the East Coast and as part of the celebration, we’re offering a giveaway! The prizes up for grabs are Postcard Portfolios. Each of these portfolios will contain 10 4×6 postcards collated and bound together. That means you can show [...]

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Design Tutorial 1: Black and White Flyer Design using Vectors and Pixels

March 6, 2012


Black and White PSD file

Background I needed to create a different looking club flyer design for a nightclub owner who didn’t want the typical “sexy-girl” look. The club in question played a lot of ambient, jungle, and dub-step stuff – the kind of dance music for the student and musically-sophisticated club crowd in Miami. This is not the version [...]

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Can Print Marketing & Digital Marketing Work Together?

February 14, 2012


print versus digital

In this brave new digital age it’s really easy to forget the importance of print marketing. As technology becomes ever more sophisticated, businesses should consider using print, not as an alternative to digital, but as a way of bridging the gap between these two essential marketing tools. My own experiences in digital marketing reflect how [...]

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10 Tips for Creating your Brochure

January 31, 2012


brochure design

The impact of your brochure has to be immediate if it is going to capture the interest of the customer. You have to offer something valuable to the customer to make them look inside. Here’s 10 tips on creating a better brochure message and design.

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5 Steps to Designing your Business Card

January 24, 2012


minimal_creative _card

The business card is often one of the first things that non-professionals or design beginners will try to design themselves. Here’s 5 essential rules to consider before designing your business card.

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Build A 2012 Print Marketing Campaign You Can Be Proud Of

January 3, 2012


As the New Year is upon us it’s time to start thinking about crafting your 2012 marketing campaigns. Perhaps you are a photographer wanting to distribute flyers to newly engaged couples in an attempt to shoot their wedding. Or maybe you are a tax accountant attempting to create new brochures in an effort to get [...]

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Awful New Fonts

December 14, 2011


scriptina font

It would be really easy to write yet another blog post about Comic Sans and Papyrus. How, as designers, we feel like “throwing- up in our mouths” whenever we see someone use Jokerman or Curlz MT in a shop window or on a business card. However, the design world is a world full of bad [...]

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Free Fridays: Priceless Design Resources

October 21, 2011


The Free For All goes on. The generous benefactor today is where you’ll find a wide selection of useful swag — all at no charge. Need a Calendar Template. You’ll find a plateful right here! Want Wallpapers? Here are some nifty typographic wps to choose from. Vector art in a vintage ornamental [...]

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