Which type of marketer are you infographic

Which Type of Marketer Are You?

Marketers across different industries and brands only have one goal in mind—to promote their products and services to their target market. But they all have different approaches as to how to achieve this goal. In this infographic, I’ve compiled the several types of marketers you will find across brands and businesses. Which type of marketer […]

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2017 is the year of print marketing resurgence

Look Out! Airbnb Signals 2017 Is the Year of the Print Marketing Trend

Last November, homestay network company, Airbnb, partnered with global publisher Hearst to launch an Airbnb magazine. Airbnb’s new print marketing venture was well received during the company’s Airbnb Open in Los Angeles. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky himself presented the magazine in what he called his “miniature-Oprah” moment. He asked the audience to look under their […]

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