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Ben Fellowes is a seasoned designer, writer, and marketing expert. He's designed and produced content for some of the worlds top agencies and marketing companies. He's currently working (and getting his fair English skin burned) in Southern California! He loves art, punk rock, horror films, Sci-Fi, comic books, real beer, cooking, eating, laughing, and crying (sometimes!)

A History of Minimalist Graphic Design – The 10 Greatest Minimalist Poster Prints

January 8, 2014



It should be strongly stated that minimalist graphic design is not a new design movement. In this post that covers the history of graphic design minimalism through a series of 10 posters, we have attempted to show you a glimpse of some of our favorite minimalist graphic design posters and artists of the last century to the present day.

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15 Marketing Insights That Inspired Us In 2013

January 2, 2014


don schultz marketing qoutes

People in marketing, publicity, and social media have a lot to say. Some may argue that in fact they have TOO MUCH to say! But no matter what you feel about the media industry, you cannot deny that there are a heck of a lot of smart cookies that work in media! As a tribute to some of those insightful individuals, we have put together some of the best marketing tweets, quotes, and posts of 2013.

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Top 10 Best-of-the-Worst Christmas Sweaters

December 30, 2013


ugly holiday sweater party

The ugly holiday sweater has become somewhat of a staple for many people who revel in the absurdity that colorful yarn brings to them each year! This list of horrific sweaters that Grandma knitted with such love and affection is good for at least 10 reindeer sprinkled belly laughs!

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Print Art Review of 2013 – The Best Print Images of the Year!

December 24, 2013

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hand made notebook

We’re celebrating the brilliant and varied world of print with a special round-up of the best print pieces from around the internet in 2013. These incredible print examples made us laugh, gasp, and delight at the craft of design and print.

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Fashion Marketing and Print Promotion – Using Flyers and Other Products to Promote Your Label

December 17, 2013


fashion week poster

NextDayFlyers offers up-and-coming designers, marketers, and publishers some valuable tips about fashion and print promotion. See some fantastic and inspirational examples of posters, flyers, and other materials that exhibited excellent brand promotion.

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25 Amazing Holiday Cards and Seasonal Designs for Your Inspiration

December 10, 2013



The following card examples represent some of the best holiday cards and design ideas that the blogworld has to offer.

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Santa Bombing! See Hilarious Pictures of Holiday Photobomb Shenanigans!

December 2, 2013


christmas photo bomb

Don’t you just love Santa? That jolly ole plump chap with the white beard, rosy cheeks, and winning smile! But Santa has a mischievous side as well, and as we see from these photobomb shenanigans, he loves nothing more than to photobomb the merry heck out of all holiday revelers.

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Free Holiday Gift Certificate Templates in Photoshop and Vector

November 19, 2013


elf gift certificate

The holidays are approaching faster than a plump turkey being chased by a vicious gang of biker chefs! If you own a shop or business, now is the time to get all your marketing and promotional prints ready for all the excited hordes of gift seekers and holiday revelers.With this in mind, here are four FREE Photoshop (PSD) and vector (AI) holiday gift certificate templates to use in whatever promotion you want.

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Cool Zed Cards – Get FREE Comp Card Photoshop Templates for Actors Headshots and Model Promotion

November 5, 2013


free comp card template

As my dance teacher once told me, “Fame costs, and right here’s where you start paying…in sweat!” Okay, I admit it, Debbie Allen was never my dance teacher but if I’d needed a professional-looking comp card template to jump-start my performing career, I’d have come right here to this blog post and I wouldn’t have [...]

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10 Zombie Apocalypse Logo Rebrands

October 31, 2013


To prepare our customers for the zombie apocalypse, here are a collection of popular logo redesigns to give you inspiration for rebranding your business post zombie outbreak.

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Bloody Disgusting!The Nastiest and Most Disgusting Dish Ideas for Halloween Celebrations

October 29, 2013


halloween gross recipe

“Oh my gosh! I think I’m going to hurl!” At any other time of the year you probably would be non-too-pleased with this reaction to your food. However, at Halloween time the rules suddenly change and the more disgusting the food looks, the more excited we tend to get! Gathered together from some of the best food bloggers the web has to offer, here are 5 simple and nasty dishes for the scary season.

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Monster Halloween Faces – Free Illustrated Templates for Invitations, Decorations, and More

October 28, 2013


halloween _pirate_old_school_tattoo

Here’s a special treat for our blog readers. I have illustrated these psycho-psychedelic Halloween card designs just for you, for my favorite holiday of the year! Offered as PSD and PDF downloads, these unique and original creature heads are free for you to use as invitation templates, flyer designs, or for other Halloween inspired purposes.

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What Your Sports Bar Promotions Should Look Like – A Guide to the Best Sports Bar Brand Designs and Flyers

October 16, 2013


tailgate sports bar

From the logo to the menus to the complete interior design, your sports bar should mirror a modern sense of fashion and good taste. Here are a handful of examples of sports bar flyers, menus, logos, and branding that show exceptional graphical style:

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Spooks and Ghouls and Creeps and Fools! Get Monster Bookmarks Templates for Halloween!

October 1, 2013


Available in Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI), these Halloween bookmark template files range from kid-friendly classroom bookmarks to creepy zombie bookmarks for clubs and events. Whichever design you choose, it won’t fail to dd some monster fun to your Halloween celebrations.

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Direct Mailers to Die For! 5 Ways to Promote & 5 of the Best Mail Promotions You’ll Ever See!

September 25, 2013


best direct mail ideas

Let’s be honest, your postcard mailer and other direct mail campaigns can get a little pricey if you want to do something customized and unique. Once you’ve factored in the number of recipients, postcard mailing rate, and other mailing necessities, there is often little left in your budget to spend on the actual prints! But the strength and success of a campaign is not necessarily in the printing expense but in the idea itself. Here are 5 ways that you can stand-out-from-the-crowd and 5 brilliant examples of successful postcard mailer and direct mailing campaings:

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