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Amanda Moshier is a Hollywood resident, web-geek, culture critic and copywriter with experience in entertainment and marketing. She has a knack for creating content to help entrepreneurs grow and market their small businesses. In her spare time Amanda enjoys DJ-ing, non-profit work, and making her peers laugh on a daily basis – hopefully with her, but she’ll take what she can get.

How to Avoid a Perfect Failure: 4 Tips From a Serial Entrepreneur

February 17, 2014


James Shiner, founder and CEO of Yelling Mule, prides himself on “shipping.” A serial entrepreneur with 10 ventures under his belt, James took many chances before launching Yelling Mule, a boutique website design company. As a successful entrepreneur, James offers new and upcoming businesses some sound advice on setting attainable goals and finding a work-life balance.

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Four Ways to Promote Your Summer Event

July 3, 2012


Business card with coupon

It’s a season of BBQs, late nights, and days at the beach, but before you get lost in the euphoria of summer, we have a few tips to help you get the most out of the season of sun and fun. As temperatures rise, it’s common to take your marketing outdoors by putting together an [...]

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