Art of Design #32: Menu Design in America, 1850 to 1985

Menu Design in America, 1850–1985
Jim Heimann, Steven Heller, John Mariani
Hardcover, 392 pages, $ 59.99
ISBN: 978-3-8365-2662-3

Back in the day, a menu was an integral part of the dining experience. After being led to your table, your maître d’ would proudly present you with a carefully designed culinary guide. At the pinnacle of their day, menus became treasured keepsakes and are a subject of many passionate collectors.

Menu Design in America, 1850–1985 showcases the best examples of this graphic art. With nearly 800 examples of ephemera the volume doubles as a history of restaurants and dining out in America. In addition to the menu covers, many menu interiors are featured providing a glimpse into more than a hundred years of dining out.







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