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Overnight Flyer Printing – How to Put Together an Unforgettable College Party in Just 48 Hours

July 31, 2014


What if you need to put together the ultimate bash, and you only have a couple of days to do it? Have no fear. If Van Wilder can turn Taj into a social butterfly, then this should be easy! We show you how to do it in 5 easy steps.

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A Short History of Postcard Design from Japanese Prints to Cheeky British Seaside Postcards and Beyond

July 29, 2014



Postcards have been a popular mode of communication since the late 1800’s. See how they’ve developed and evolved as a means for artists, illustrators, and designers to create artwork.

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Homebrew Label Art – Turning Cheap Stickers into Masterpieces!

July 24, 2014



The homebrewing industry is an enormous one in which millions of Americans are buying up carboys, keggers, wort chillers, and getting stickers printed for their growlers and brown bottles. Here is a look at some labels produced by some truly artistic people.

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8 of the Worst Experiences in Craigslist History

July 22, 2014


Bizarre Craigslist! Here are eight of the worst and strangest experiences folks have had to endure.

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How to Market Your Business for Free with 8 Groundbreaking New Apps

July 18, 2014


launch rock app review

Man! There’s a heck of a lot of apps out there to choose from and I’d say that 90% of them are utter bunkum! The following apps, however, are pretty awesome and what’s more, they’re free! So if you want to know how to market your business, or manage it from your smart device, we recommend the following freebies to help with marketing strategies for small business owners.

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20 Ideas for Funny Wedding Invitations to Take the Stuffiness Out of the Occasion

July 15, 2014



The following funny wedding invitations are brilliantly conceived and executed with some genuinely funny messages and original ideas. Give your guests a good laugh and let them know to expect a fun and happy time.

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Screens, Bars, Signs & Banners – 5 Bold Ideas for Your Outdoor Summer Event

July 11, 2014


outdoor movie screen

As an event planner, you have to do something big and bold to make an impression on your guests and to provide them with beautiful moments (to share on Twitter, and Facebook.) Whether your planning a private party, block party, wedding, festival, or other outdoor shin-dig, the following ideas represent some original concepts that you can use this summer to add some sparkle and magic to proceedings.

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​3 Creative Flyers Templates for Your Religious and Spiritual Event Promotion

July 8, 2014


free church flyer template

To help you break out of the traditional format, we have put together a few creative flyers for your church that are totally free to use. In PSD (Photoshop) format, you can add your own logos, images, and messages to these templates to make them highly original and personal to your church and its aims.

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Discover the Centuries Old Fonts You are Still Using Today

July 2, 2014


bembo font

The following fonts are close derivations of the original punch cut letterforms and print press font styles that fed printing presses in the 14th Century and beyond. When you next use these fonts, I hope they give you the added sense of tradition and history that these beautiful letters bring to your designs and messages.

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Don’t Be an Invisible Artist! 3 Ways to Sell Your Originals, Wall Prints, and Posters!

July 1, 2014

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The following tips will give you an idea of how to get your art into –view, because nothing sells slower than a piece of artwork that’s never seen. We encourage all artists to sell through any means possible, utilizing originals, poster prints, canvas wall prints, and digital mediums.

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