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Illustration Masterclass! 5 of the Most Imaginative Illustrators in the US Today!

April 29, 2014



To narrow this list down to just 5 artists was an impossible task. Therefore, I chose these 5 illustrators based on a diversity of styles and backgrounds. From the edgiest artist to children’s book illustrators, I have chosen a brief glimpse of the super-imaginative illustration work from US artists.

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Typo-Thuggin’ it with 20 Edgy and Urban Fonts for Free!

April 22, 2014



There’s a time and place for Garamond, Century, and Gill Sans but it’s not in this article! That’s because, we’ve rounded up some of the most dangerous, rebellious, and straight-up awesome fonts that we could gather. Representing the edgier side of design, these urban fonts are free to download at the links provided and will give your artwork a bad-boy design feel that acts first and asks questions later!

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The 3 Ingredients of Successful Landing Page Headlines

April 15, 2014


MailChimp Landing Page

The primary goal of a landing page is to capture your visitor’s attention within seconds and hold it until they’ve been convinced to purchase your product or service. But no matter how beautiful your landing page design is, if it doesn’t have a good headline chances are it’s not going to give you the desired result. A good headline tells the reader why they should stay on your page verses looking somewhere else on Internet.

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Developing Your Logo – A Step-by-Step Logo Tutorial from Concept, Sketch, to Design

April 8, 2014


humane society logo design

You may think that logo design is all about design ability. Not true. The most successful graphic designers are those that communicate with their clients and let them in on every stage of the design process. This logo tutorial covers the actual design process from sketch to finished design, but more importantly, it outlines the need for meetings with clients.

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Party Fonts! 20 Free Cool Fonts to Add Excitement to Your Club Flyers and Designs

April 2, 2014


party hard font

To help you get your designs under-way, we’ve put together a list of 20 free fun fonts for you to use to get people in the party mood. Thankfully, these are not typical old-fashioned party fonts from yesteryear. The 20 fonts chosen are insanely cool fonts that represent some of the best free font designs that really should be for sale, but luckily for us, they are just a download away!

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