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10 Zombie Apocalypse Logo Rebrands

October 31, 2013


To prepare our customers for the zombie apocalypse, here are a collection of popular logo redesigns to give you inspiration for rebranding your business post zombie outbreak.

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Bloody Disgusting!The Nastiest and Most Disgusting Dish Ideas for Halloween Celebrations

October 29, 2013


halloween gross recipe

“Oh my gosh! I think I’m going to hurl!” At any other time of the year you probably would be non-too-pleased with this reaction to your food. However, at Halloween time the rules suddenly change and the more disgusting the food looks, the more excited we tend to get! Gathered together from some of the best food bloggers the web has to offer, here are 5 simple and nasty dishes for the scary season.

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Monster Halloween Faces – Free Illustrated Templates for Invitations, Decorations, and More

October 28, 2013


halloween _pirate_old_school_tattoo

Here’s a special treat for our blog readers. I have illustrated these psycho-psychedelic Halloween card designs just for you, for my favorite holiday of the year! Offered as PSD and PDF downloads, these unique and original creature heads are free for you to use as invitation templates, flyer designs, or for other Halloween inspired purposes.

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3 Ways To Make a Lasting Impression On Your Customer

October 24, 2013


business marketing image

Selling is always tough and now that everyone is online and bombarded with publicity messages on all sides, it’s getting tougher. In this article, we discover some useful tips for making the right impression on your customers.

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Social Networking: How It Can Go Wrong and What You Can Do About It

October 22, 2013


Frustrated man sending text

No matter where you look, there’s always an opportunity to utilize social networking. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, blogs—no matter the medium, social networking allows the sharing of information between people. This post explores the things that can go wrong with your social media and what you can do about It.

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What Your Sports Bar Promotions Should Look Like – A Guide to the Best Sports Bar Brand Designs and Flyers

October 16, 2013


tailgate sports bar

From the logo to the menus to the complete interior design, your sports bar should mirror a modern sense of fashion and good taste. Here are a handful of examples of sports bar flyers, menus, logos, and branding that show exceptional graphical style:

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The Power of Dropbox! Using It to Upload and Print with NextDayFlyers

October 8, 2013



In a few very easy steps we’ll show you how to do it. You can use any product, but we’re using business card printing for the purposes of this blog post.

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Spooks and Ghouls and Creeps and Fools! Get Monster Bookmarks Templates for Halloween!

October 1, 2013


Available in Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI), these Halloween bookmark template files range from kid-friendly classroom bookmarks to creepy zombie bookmarks for clubs and events. Whichever design you choose, it won’t fail to dd some monster fun to your Halloween celebrations.

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