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Get Inspired With These Creative Wedding Invitation Designs

August 28, 2012


When it came to paper products, wedding invitations were more commonly used by privileged members of society who could afford fancy engraved stationery. Shortly after World War II, affordable mass-produced wedding stationery allowed everyone to incorporate high-society etiquette into their events. Today, invitations are the No. 1 wedding item shopped for online by brides, and they account for just under one third of online wedding-related purchases.

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Recyclopedia – NextDayFlyers Guide to Paper & Print Recycling

August 21, 2012


recycling logo

Want to learn a bit about recycling? Here is some interesting information about paper and paper recycling. How NextDayFlyers Recycles: NextDayFlyers purchases and processes a staggering amount of paper and card stock. In creating business cards, flyers, brochures and other print materials for our customers, a considerable amount of scrap is generated. This scrap is [...]

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Design, Marketing and Mailing Tips To Help You Grow Your Business!

August 17, 2012


Eight simple steps to make sure your business flourishes. 1. Strong offer: Create a powerful offer and consider using that as your headline. Make sure the offer has an expiration date. 2. Emphasize benefits not features: Think about what your product does for the customer and state that clearly on your postcard. 3. Use postcard [...]

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Fontastic Bacon Alphabet

August 14, 2012


font made from bacon

We are pleased to present our absolute favorite font made from our absolute favorite thing in the world!
A “sizzling” font made entirely from bacon! Yeah! You heard me… BACON!!!

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Is Instagram A Legitimate Photo Source for Printed Images?

August 8, 2012

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NextDayFlyers - Is Instagram A Good Photo Source?

So long as the image is your own, Instagram photos can be a great source of artwork if you’re a designer, photographer, stylist or other creative professional who loves to take behind-the-scenes shots. You can try using one of your images as a pocket-sized portfolio snapshot on a business card.

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