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Are You Making Disastrous Mistakes in your Reward Program?

June 25, 2010

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Creating a useful and valuable reward program for customers can be a great perk for increasing loyalty. The keys to success lie in relevant high-value rewards coupled with personal engagement.1 This means you need to steer away from gimmicks and mass blasts. All too often loyalty programs really don’t offer much added value for a [...]

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23 Affordable Club & Event Flyer Designs

June 23, 2010


We searched online and found you some of the best professional affordable club & event flyers designs. All prices range from $4 to $12 each. All you have to do is make the edits for you event and order with us.

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15 Customer Care Tips for Responding to the Voice of Your Customer

June 17, 2010


Capturing the voice of the customer refers to understanding a customer’s expectations, preferences, and dislikes.1Often, there is a disconnect between how a company thinks they are doing, and how they are really doing in the eyes of their customers. Several years ago a Bain & Company survey took a look at how common it is [...]

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5 Make or Break Poster Design Tips

June 15, 2010


1. Hierarchy When you design your poster you need to understand the viewing process and create a design hierarchy based on what is most important. You need to ask yourself questions such as… What is a viewer going to notice first when they look at my design? What is the most important information in this [...]

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7 FREE Awesome Marketing Tools

June 11, 2010


From planning sheets and feedback on designs, to demographic information that will help you make marketing decisions, these free tools will give you good support.

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24 Must-Read Business Card Design Tutorials

June 8, 2010

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Planning on creating your own business cards soon? Check out these must-read business card design tutorials for essential tips, tricks and styles. After practicing the tutorials below you will be a business card pro and ready to print some sweet new cards for your business or organization!

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Sweet Spot #15: Do I Make Scents to you?

June 4, 2010


Have you ever torn out one of those fragrance ads in a magazine to test out a new scent? I know I have. I do a lot of party planning for my friends and the next one I have coming up is a baby shower for my bestest of all bestest of friends. She’s a [...]

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5 Very Important Print Design Tips

June 2, 2010


1. Don’t Forget Bleeds When designs are printed they are usually printed on large sheets and then cut. The problem is, cutting is never exact so the edges of your design can end up with errors if the color and images are too close or don’t (bleed) over the edge.

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