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Back to School – Do it Now, Do it Smart

July 30, 2009


In the current economic climate you might feel you’re beating your head against the wall when it comes to marketing. Should you even have a back to school campaign? Is it worth the effort? Well, according to a recent article on

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20 Firefox Plugins for Web Designers

July 30, 2009


If you are a web designer, Firefox has tons of plug-ins to help speed up your web creation process. Here are 20 of our favorite plug-ins to help your coding efforts.

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Twitter Copy – How to Write First-class Tweets

July 24, 2009


If you find yourself struggling to write First-class Tweets, for inspiration I give you the Top 10 Slogans of the Century1 

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Direct Mail Marketing – Is your Direct Mail Stale?

July 20, 2009

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We’d all like an ROI that’s 10 times greater, but if you’re still operating your direct mail campaigns in the dark ages of doing generic batches and blasts, well let’s face it, you’re losing money.

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Postcards – The Tweet of Direct Mail Marketing

July 9, 2009


What’s Next? This month’s topic “How to Use Mail like Twitter” comes from Matthew Orley of Copley, OH. Congratulations Matt! He just won a credit for 100 free business cards.

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6 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

July 9, 2009


If you are a graphic designer, an online portfolio is essential to growing your customer base and getting new clients. So we have found you 5 free WordPress themes that you can use to showcase the work you’ve created.

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Sweet Spot #6: Plan to Plate the Perfect Party

July 6, 2009


I don’t even know how I found these, but I’m wondering where they’ve been all my life! It was like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. I dreamt about the Holy Grail of party plates, but couldn’t ever find it. I knew I’d seen them somewhere before, but what are they called, and how can [...]

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