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Graphic Designers: How to Survive Monster Clients! Prevention, Care and Maintenance Tips

January 29, 2009


Calendar Editing

Difficult clients – who needs them? Well, probably you. As a freelance designer you need every client you can get. Difficult clients are easy to spot. They email or call relentlessly, the project specs seem to be a moving target, they want you to Photoshop the sweat off their brow from their headshot, or argue [...]

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4 great sites to find thousands of free fonts!

January 28, 2009



We’ve searched around the net, and found 4 very useful sites to help you build your font collection. And we know first had managing these fonts can be hard. So we also found you some free font management tools.

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10 Creative Business Card Designs

January 28, 2009


Verbana Biz Card

This is part one of a design inspiration series. So hopefully these get your creative juices going, and remember to use Next Day Flyers for all your printing needs.

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